As most of you are aware, FEI provides monthly webinars on a variety of EAP and Work-Life topics. Our planning for 2020 is well underway and a preview is presented below. Allowing your employees to participate in these webinars and giving them information to access our webinar recordings can be part of your ongoing strategy to promote EAP services and foster positive mental health and well-being in the workplace.

In developing this promotional calendar, our team focuses on trending topics and reviews suggestions from participants. Our emphasis continues to reflect our overall philosophy that seeking help is a positive choice as we try to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues.

So, what webinar topics can you expect in 2020? See below for details:

January Selecting a Financial Planner – Learn different aspects of the financial planning process by finding a financial planning professional to fine-tune your financial requirements and help you on the road to meeting your life’s goals.
February Understanding and Minimizing the Impact of Implicit Bias – Find out how implicit bias creeps into our work lives and how supervisors and managers can leverage this knowledge to minimize the negative impact on decision-making and behavior.
March Change is Inevitable: Why Are We So Determined to Fight It? – Discover how planning for inevitable changes can give us peace of mind.
April Mindfulness in the Workplace – Learn how to deal with everyday life challenges more mindfully, effectively, creatively and through choice.
May Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: More than Counting – Join us for a lively discussion on what equity, diversity and inclusion mean for your organization, and how to move the needle on these important issues for today’s workforce.
June Violence in the Workplace: It Can Happen Anywhere, Are You Prepared? – We will review current best practices for reducing the incidence of workplace violence starting with your risk assessment, policies and training to increase organizational awareness for identifying and responding to workplace violence.
July Dealing with Student Loans – Learn how student loans became such a burden and how to avoid the issue through payback strategies that will establish a consistent household budget.
August The Secret Life of (Having) Pets – We’ll share information about the health benefits of having a pet in our lives.
September The ABCs of CBD – In the U.S., more than half of all states have legalized medical cannabis products like CBD (cannabidiol), and many are decriminalizing recreational marijuana. Join us as we review the research on these substances as well as their effects and impact—good, bad and otherwise.
October Relationship Building Professionally and Personally – We’ll address questions such as: What makes a good relationship? How do you build relationships? Can rocky relationships be changed?
November Cultivating Digital Wellness – An IT expert will provide an in-depth presentation on how devices and social media are crafted to distract you, setting achievable digital wellness goals and clearing your digital clutter to regain focus and time—both “IRL” and online.
December 9 to 5: Cancer in the Workplace – There are many things to figure out after a cancer diagnosis from sharing the news of your diagnosis and dealing with treatment side effects to creating a viable work schedule.

Be on the lookout for the full 2020 Promotional Calendar including monthly messages/posters and webinars later this fall.