Terri Howard
Sr. Director / Account Manager

Terri Howard has expertise in manager consults, coaching and training and is responsible for managing many large EAP/Crisis accounts for FEI. She is responsible for coordinating the people support and psychological first aid services for those impacted by a crisis. Over the years she has contributed to several international standards and guidelines on crisis management and workplace violence prevention, including ASIS and the FBI.

Prior to her tenure with FEI, Terri served as Vice President for the Crisis Prevention Institute and focused on crisis management and workplace violence prevention. During her tenure at CPI, Terri assessed the needs of hundreds of companies in regards to policy development, best practice, and training. In addition she had developed and facilitated training in this area for companies around the globe.

Previously, Howard worked for Target Corporation and led a team responsible for incident management, crisis response and business continuity. While at Target, she coordinated the centralized corporate response for dozens of incidents, pushed for continued public/private partnerships and worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security during the hurricane season of 2005.

She completed undergraduate school at Chatham University and attended both Pennsylvania State and Marquette University for Graduate Study (Community Psychology) and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Emergency Management Leadership.