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Account Management

For many organizations, account management is seen and practiced as an extension of the sales process. The role of FEI Account Managers goes much further into an understanding of a client’s organizational objectives and strategies with a focus on using the tools of workforce resilience to meet those objectives.

FEI Account Managers build relationships over years of experience and partnership on a foundation of listening, learning and informing.

  • Listening, to a client’s needs and requirements as they evolve, grow, and change.
  • Learning, not only about the organization, but also about the industry and environment in which the organization functions.
  • Informing, as FEI Account Managers monitor service utilization across the spectrum of services and report back to their clients.

At FEI the Account Management function is essential to the growth and expansion of our service offerings, and to monitoring and increasing the quality of the service we deliver to your organization every day.