The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, which wholly owns FEI Behavioral Health, announced today that Susan N. Dreyfus, president and CEO of the Alliance, will step down as leader in early 2020. Dreyfus will continue working in her current role until a new leader is selected to ensure a smooth transition in leadership.

“I’ve been talking with the board about this transition for much of the year,” said Dreyfus. “I’m not retiring from my work in the health and human services field and plan to continue to play a role in the sector through consulting. With my husband winding down his 30-year career as a circuit court judge in Wisconsin, this is a good time to make a pivot in my career as well.”

The Alliance Board is in the process of retaining an executive search firm. Annette Rodriguez, vice chair of the Alliance Board and president/CEO of The Children’s Shelter in San Antonio, is leading the search committee. Joining Annette on the search committee are Alliance Board Chair Molly Greenman, who is president/CEO of The Family Partnership in Minneapolis, along with five other board members. Alliance CFO/COO Kristi Scharl will support the group. They anticipate the process to be finished in early 2020.

“Susan has never been more hopeful than she is today for the sector’s ability to enable all people to thrive based on recent changes across research, policy and practice—changes that the Alliance has helped bring about through best-in-class knowledge, networking, solutions and advocacy,” said Molly Greenman, Alliance Board chair. “She has accelerated the Alliance’s reach and influence nationally by charting a path that is instrumental in helping those organizations achieve greater financial sustainability and continue to fulfill their essential and vital role in helping all Americans achieve their fullest potential.”

“We are forever grateful for her contributions and her tremendous legacy to our organization, our members and our collective mission,” added Greenman.

While there will be a leadership transition for the Alliance, Dreyfus and Greenman said the organization’s focus and priorities do not change. The Alliance will continue its leadership role in being a voice for the field, sector, children, families and communities and helping organizations better address the changing horizon through efforts that impact research, policy and practice. Expect continued efforts to find new solutions to society’s toughest problems to ensure equal access and opportunity for all people to achieve well-being.

The talented and dedicated Alliance staff remains in place and will continue their work to deliver the highest value to the Alliance network and build upon the solid foundation Dreyfus stewarded during her years of leadership.

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is a strategic action network of thousands of committed social sector leaders who through their excellence, distinction and influence are working to achieve a healthy and equitable society. Learn more about the Alliance and its relationship with FEI.