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9 Aug. 2013 Posted by ameulendyke

The Case for Workplace Violence Training

Workplace violence is a serious issue for organizations nation-wide. Every year, nearly two million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence. Workplace violence can be deadly and it also instills fear, reduces morale, decreases productivity, fuels absenteeism and turnover. In 2010 alone, the Department of Justice reported that more than 500,000 people missed over 1.8 million days of work resulting in a $60 million loss to companies across the country.

1 Aug. 2013 Posted by ameulendyke

Asiana Airlines and the Importance of Effective Planning

The recent crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport has given us an opportunity to view an airline response to a disaster in real time. While it is always easy to play the Monday morning quarterback in these situations, it is better to look at this event as an opportunity to learn and to improve our policies and procedures. What lessons can we learn from this event?

26 Jul. 2013 Posted by ameulendyke

Conducting a Table Top Drill

Conducting periodic drills is a crucial, often overlooked, piece of the crisis management puzzle. A full-out mock crisis or disaster drill takes planning and requires the time of everyone involved. However, a quicker, and just as effective, method is to conduct a tabletop drill. Gathered around the conference room table, your disaster team will get a chance to image the “what if” scenario and go through your plan to make sure it can take your company from disaster to survival.

12 Jul. 2013 Posted by ameulendyke

Responding to the Media after a Crisis

During a disaster the media will continually seek information from an organization on the emergency and progress of the response. It is important for the company to keep the media well-informed to avoid inaccurate reports from other sources. The public, surrounding communities and employees must be also be kept informed during an emergency.

28 Jun. 2013 Posted by ameulendyke

Digital Lessons Learned from Super Storm Sandy

On his blog, Todd Jasper outlines some important lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy regarding the influence and proliferation of social media during this storm. There were many interesting developments from Superstorm Sandy that may have a lasting impact on how agencies, governments, and businesses respond to large scale events in the future.