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25 Oct. 2017 Posted by aadams

A Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Katie Moser, FEI Network Operations Specialist

One can never be too diligent with cybersecurity. As the internet evolves, so too do the skills of malicious hackers.

How can the everyday employee protect themselves both at work and in the home? Believe it or not, a little awareness and occasional effort goes a long way to building cybersecurity know-how.

11 Oct. 2017 Posted by aadams

Crises Big and Small: When to Use an Emergency Inquiry Center

Michael Bugenhagen, FEI Business Development Manager

With the recent spate of crisis events rocking the world, FEI asks when an organization should consider utilizing an emergency inquiry center. The answer? More often than you might think, and for crises ranging from large-scale situations to smaller, intimate occurrences.

27 Sep. 2017 Posted by aadams

What National Honey Month Means to Our Relationships with Others

Raquelle Solon, FEI Business Solutions Engineer

September is National Honey Month, but what does that mean to organizations? Honey is sweet, flavorful and inviting—an idea that can be applied to how we communicate, develop relationships and build people up.

With The Mandt System®, FEI utilizes similar concepts. The foundation of the Mandt program is to build healthy relationships by treating people the way they want to be treated. Why not use a little “honey” in the process?

13 Sep. 2017 Posted by aadams

Ready for National Preparedness Month? 3 Recommendations to Get Started

Marcia O’Boyle, FEI EAP Services Center Manager

Whether it’s a coastal hurricane or raging wildfire, you can never be too careful when planning for a potential disaster situation. But where do you begin?

We offer advice to guide your disaster planning efforts for National Preparedness Month.

29 Aug. 2017 Posted by aadams

Stay Safe: Disaster Recovery in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

FEI Crisis Management

Hurricane Harvey is causing massive flooding in and around Houston, Texas, with more rain on the way. FEI crisis management has supplied resources and additional guidance in order to protect you, your loved ones and business operations.