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10 May. 2017 Posted by aadams

Being Media Prepared in 2017

Daniel J. Potterton, FEI Chief Operating Officer

As with Samsung or Wells Fargo in 2016, airlines such as United and Delta are in the midst of viral consumer crises that highlight the ongoing struggle between businesses and effective communication in the age of social media. Organizations must pay close attention to their crisis communications plans and prepare accordingly in a world where immediate information is given high priority.

26 Apr. 2017 Posted by aadams

Do You Have a Dependable Resilience Partner?

Michael Bugenhagen, FEI Business Development Manager

From health care to the ongoing opioid epidemic, the workplace landscape is changing at a radical pace. Knowing your organization has a dependable partner for employee assistance—one that offers more beyond the typical EAP—fosters peace of mind when creating an engaged, resilient workplace culture.

13 Apr. 2017 Posted by aadams

Why Mandt Is My Program of Choice

Raquelle Solon, FEI Business Solutions Engineer

April is Autism Awareness Month, and many are sharing the success stories of autistic individuals like Dr. Temple Grandin and Carly Fleischmann. In an effort to highlight the lives of those who communicate with less desirable behaviors—hitting or biting, for instance—Raquelle Solon takes the time to discuss how The Mandt System® helps establish key concepts in crisis intervention when interacting with nonverbal communicators, including those with autism.

28 Mar. 2017 Posted by ameulendyke

Hierarchy of Needs: Where Do I Turn During a Crisis?

Marcia O’Boyle, FEI EAP Services Center Manager

Recovering from crisis can be difficult if basic needs are threatened. Fortunately, there are several resources available before, during and after a crisis situation that acknowledge victim concerns and provide critical information during times of extreme duress.

15 Mar. 2017 Posted by aadams

Are Your Stress Switches Stuck?

Amber Meulendyke, Marketing and Public Relations Manager

We’ve all had days where we haven’t been our best selves, reacting poorly while engaging with others. For some, however, this reaction is a result of being “stuck”: Extended periods of high-stress situations have created a perpetual state of arousal or alarm.

FEI has developed tools to assist employees with addressing issues of constant stress, providing organizations the means with which to loosen stress switches and return individuals to a prevailing sense of calm.