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Support For Bereavement

Mary's Story

Mary is an employee in her early 50's whose husband of 30 years died 4 months ago following a long-term battle with cancer. Mary feels intense sadness, frequent tearfulness, and difficulty in focusing on her work.

When Mary met with the EAP Counselor, they discussed how she has typically been the “strong” one able to manage her emotions and concerns on her own. While her friends and co-workers have been generous in their offers of support, she has often declined, and has tried to make an impression that she is managing just fine. She has two married sons, who live out of state, and 3 grandchildren. Mary is feeling very isolated and alone at a time when the support of others is most needed. She met with the EAP Counselor six times.

The EAP Counselor identified a local bereavement support group that Mary found very helpful. She also realized she needed to spend some time with her children and their families and took a couple weeks off work to visit. Two months after her last meeting with the EAP Counselor, her intense sadness was diminished, she was feeling much less isolated and more focused, and she was feeling stronger in her overall ability to cope.