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Elder Care Referral

Sally's Story

Sally called the Elder Care Consultation & Referral Service to get assistance for her 84 year-old mother, Barbara. Barbara has lived alone for the past 2 years since her husband passed away. She has functioned very independently and enjoyed good health until recently, when increasingly severe arthritis made daily living activities much more difficult. Sally lives an hour from Barbara, and has assumed most of the oversight for her mother’s care among her siblings. Barbara currently has home health aide assistance.

Sally is seeking to learn about Assisted Living facilities in her area in the event that down the road this may be needed. The Elder Care Specialist provided information on eight facilities in her county. Sally is also feeling the stress of balancing her work, family, life and care giving responsibilities. Self-care information for caregivers is discussed, and the EAP Work-Life benefit is reviewed should Sally wish further assistance in managing the work-life balance issues.