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Stress Management

Karen's Story

Karen sought the assistance of EAP due to marital tension and stress. She saw the EAP Counselor alone for the first session and came in with her husband John twice. She and John have been married for 7 years and have 2 pre-school aged children. John is a full-time manager. Karen works as a full-time sales manager at a nearby department store. Her and John’s work schedules and child care responsibilities have left little time for alone time. She would ideally like to stop working until the kids are in grade school but this is not financially possible.

The EAP Counselor helped them explore their situation and options. They decided that they could manage financially if Karen cut down to part-time work. A co-worker was seeking to do the same and Karen was able to arrange a job share. Karen and John also created a “date night” babysitting pool with another couple who were friends and have similar aged children. In this way, Karen and John could have a night out to themselves every other week while their friends watched all the children, and visa versa. They also started a “sleep over at grandma and grandpa’s house” tradition once a month.