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Call Center Services

Effective communications during and after a critical incident can be the difference between successfully responding to an incident and being overwhelmed by it. A critical incident such as a terrorist attack, a plane crash, or a natural disaster can trigger a huge volume of calls. These calls will come from loved ones inquiring about their relatives, employees reporting their status and location and also requiring information about payroll issues or work schedules, the media asking for information and from the general public. Few organizations have the capacity to answer and manage this volume of calls. It is vital for an organization to provide informational updates to stakeholders, to account for people after a critical incident and to provide caring, informed assistance to people affected by an incident and their family members. FEI has unparalleled experience in providing call center services to a wide variety of organizations. Our call centers can not only handle the huge volume of calls that a critical incident can generate, but our trained behavioral health professionals provide the compassionate care that people in crisis need.

Inbound Call Center

  • Inbound call centers are operational within 60 minutes of notification.
  • Domestic and International toll free lines available. Scalable response allows activation of up to 16 geographically dispersed call centers. Capacity to handle up to 3,000 calls per hour, and provide translation services for more than 140 languages.
  • Toll-free information line provides verified details about the incident and critical contact information.
  • Collect information from callers regarding individuals and groups who may be affected by the incident.
  • Direct transfer of callers directly affected by the incident to the Family Information Center.
  • Information Management System tracks victim and caller demographics and provides reporting on the large volume of data generated by a response.

Family Information Center (Dual Inbound/Outbound Resource)

  • Family Information Center is operational within 60 minutes of notification.
  • More than 250 trained master’s and doctoral-level counselors staff up to 72 individual lines to perform the difficult task of notifying family members, and provide support throughout the response.
  • Response scalable to needs of the customer.
  • Provide individual toll-free phone lines for families to maintain contact.
  • Can be operational for up to 45 days post incident or as directed by customer
  • Web-based self-reporting and family inquiry capabilities