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Post-Incident Services

Crisis Management - Post Incident Services

A critical incident will impact your workforce.  Employees are often not prepared for the stress that comes from a crisis.  Often, your employees will have to work long hours in a stressful environment and this can take a significant toll on employee morale, health, and productivity.  FEI will provide trained, experienced, and compassionate behavioral health professionals to assist your workforce with their transition back to regular operations.

  • Provide consultation, emotional support, and daily briefings to you and your employees during the response.
  • Communicate your company’s continuity plans, operational information and organizational needs to employees so your business can maintain its operations.
  • Exit interviews provided at the end of the response to help transition both you and your employees to a “regular ops” environment.
  • Reduces the possibility of long-term impact health and productivity of your employees.
  • Comprehensive incident specific after action report.