Redesigned site prioritizes user friendliness and highlights array of service offerings

FEI Behavioral Health, a social enterprise and leader in workforce resilience from EAP and organizational development to workplace violence prevention and crisis management, is celebrating 40 years of providing the best in resilience services.

One of the oldest and most successful social enterprises in the United States, FEI has been an innovative force in the field of workforce resilience since launching the first national EAP provider network in 1979. It has continued to expand its programming, services and trainings to meet the growing needs of businesses and workforces around the world.

To underscore its latest milestone, FEI has launched a new website. With intuitive navigation and easy searchability, the site has been redesigned with user experience and consumer interests in mind.

“Ensuring visitors to our website are able to easily access information about our products and services is a priority,” said Ted Uczen, president and CEO of FEI. “Our new site delivers a sleek, streamlined experience that not only allows employers to make informed decisions about the best solutions for their businesses, but also provides deeper understanding of FEI as a culture.”

The redesigned website offers a user‐friendly hub for employers and professionals to understand the full spectrum of FEI services. Features include:

  • A detailed overview of FEI’s 40-year history in enhancing workforce resilience, from employee assistance programs and organizational development solutions to workplace violence prevention and crisis management services.
  • Access to FEI’s updated training catalog, a robust resource designed specifically to support an organization’s resiliency needs via training opportunities in maintaining well-being, strengthening family, understanding finances, personal growth, leadership and professional development.
  • Searchable collection of blog articles written by FEI staff that offer thought leadership and guidance on the topics of employee assistance, organizational development, workplace violence prevention and crisis management.
  • A vast archive of white papers, publications, news and e‐books that provides insight into FEI’s expertise, national presence and position as a leader in the field of workforce resilience.
  • Webforms that seamlessly connect site visitors, including customers, potential customers, and members of FEI’s provider network, to the resources they need to address their most pressing workforce challenges, purchase services or join the network.

Throughout its 40-year history, FEI has taken intentional steps to build partnerships with organizations such as Atlanta-based Families First, internationally-renowned violence prevention specialists The Mandt System Inc, and Milwaukee’s IMPACT Inc. These and many other types of collaborations have allowed FEI to deliver products that best enable its customers to successfully support employees across a wide geographic area.

2019 is proving no exception. Along with the new website, FEI seeks to expand its relationship with the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee’s School of Continuing Education, is launching a learning management system to optimize training opportunities and continues to support employees within the state of Wisconsin, across the U.S. and around the world. Further, FEI’s subject matter experts are frequently engaged for speaking opportunities on topics ranging from stress reduction and peer support to civil unrest and implicit bias.

A one-of-a-kind social enterprise

A finalist in BizTimes Media LLC’s 2018 Nonprofit Excellence Awards for the category of social enterprise, FEI continues to play a vital role in the community.

FEI is wholly-owned by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, a national strategic action network of social sector organizations working to achieve their vision of a healthy and equitable society. Since its creation, FEI has contributed over $42 million to support the Alliance’s work. Each time a company purchases services from FEI, the communities where its employees work and live benefit from the programs provided by the Alliance’s network.

“The role FEI plays in realizing the Alliance’s mission and vision cannot be overstated. Our network benefits directly from both the revenue and the services FEI provides,” said Susan Dreyfus, president and CEO of the Alliance. “The more our organizations grow together, the more in sync we find our foundational goals of creating resilient communities.”

The launch of the redesigned website, along with its continued expansion as a social enterprise, illustrates FEI’s commitment to meeting the needs of the business community for the next 40 years.

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