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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete Crisis Management Training in order to participate in FEI’s Crisis Response Network if I have already taken CISD Training?

Yes. Crisis Management Training for Responders (FAR) specifically addresses the role of FEI Responders in assisting victims and families in the event of catastrophic events involving our customers. See the fact sheet for more information on this training program.

What qualifies as training and/or experience toward meeting the requirements for the Crisis Support Coordinator role?

FEI will consider a number of options in meeting this criteria, as long as the Responder can provide specific documentation regarding training completed (including objectives, instructor qualifications, and completion certificate) and/or relevant experience. Training in the CISM/CISD model and NOVA’s model meet the training criteria. Equivalent experience may be substituted for the formal training requirement as long as the degree and license/certificate requirements are met. Qualifying experience includes at least one year in facilitating individual and group interventions following incidents such as employee deaths, bank robberies, workplace trauma or community disasters.

Will completion of FEI’s Crisis Management Training guarantee a contract with FEI?

No. Completion of training will qualify potential responders to serve in a Responder role. A contract will be issued once both FEI and the potential Responder have agreed that the role will be mutually beneficial. In any case, professionals completing our training programs have reported that they have benefited both personally and professionally from the training.

Do FEI training programs qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

Everyone completing an FEI training program will be issued a completion certificate that lists the appropriate number of contact hours. Participants will also receive a course fact sheet detailing performance objectives, instructor qualifications, and other information relevant to the specific training program. Due to the complexity of offering the programs in multiple jurisdictions, as well as the diversity of professions among participants, it is not always possible to offer CEUs in every training program. Our experience tells us that participants can usually apply to their respective credentialing boards and be granted Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Continuing Education Hours (CEHs), or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) by submitting a photocopy of the appropriate certificate of completion and the corresponding fact sheet. See the fact sheet for more information on the training program.

Will I be required to travel abroad?

No – this is your option should our work require this type of travel.

How will I be compensated for responding?

Employees of agencies or organizations under contract with FEI Behavioral Health and employees of member agencies of the Alliance for Children and Families will be paid by their respective employers under policies set by that employer. FEI will pay the agency or organization for each Responder's services. Private practitioners are considered independent contractors and will be paid directly by FEI. FEI will develop a letter of agreement with each agency, organization, or private practitioner. Rates will be set according to the standard schedule currently in effect with FEI.

Should I contact FEI to let FEI know that I am available for a specific response?

No. While we value communication with our Responders, we are unable to return phone calls, emails, faxes, or letters about deployment while we are actively involved in a response. FEI will deploy Responders according to the needs and requests of specific customers at the time the need is established.

How does FEI determine which responders to contact and activate in the event of a disaster?

Location is the primary variable in determining deployment patterns. For example, local responders will be needed immediately at affected airports and at various locations (corporate headquarters, maintenance facilities, reservation centers, etc.). In responding to a disaster requiring deployment of a significant number of Responders, geographic proximity to the accident site city is assessed. Availability to travel abroad, special skills, language capabilities, as well as other variables may also be determinants of deployment patterns.

How will FEI and/or my assigned family members contact me while on-site?

FEI’s on-site equipment will include cell phones for responders and team leaders. We have also developed a business card on which your on-site contact information will be noted. PLEASE - do not plan to distribute your personal business cards.

Who will provide me with supervision and guidance at a response?

FEI will designate several experienced responders as Team Leaders who will guide, troubleshoot and supervise the work of a group of Responders. Responders will meet with their Team Leader daily for information updates and debriefings and will also be required to participate in an exit interview before returning home. As part of this process, Team Leaders will actively solicit feedback about FEI’s management and response operation. Team Leaders will also offer constructive feedback to individual responders at that time.

Can I respond to requests for media interviews following my role in an FEI response?

FEI is very protective of its relationships with our customers and does not publicly discuss these contracts or the companies with whom we work. Our policy regarding interviews following a response to a major disaster or incident is that we protect the customer much like a therapist protects the confidentiality of his/her patients. In other words, we do not, under any circumstances, discuss our role following an incident. We strongly believe that we should not be promoting ourselves in the media at the expense of those affected by a tragic, horrific experience. Therefore, our policy is that we prohibit any discussion with the media before, during, or after a response to a major event. This stance has provided us with a great deal of credibility from our customers and we expect that all FEI staff and our network of responders abide by this policy.

For additional information contact us at 1-800-782-1948 option 2, or by email.