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The Human Impact of Cyber-Attacks

Attacks against information technology infrastructure can have a devastating impact for businesses of any size. The operational impacts can extend across the entire enterprise, and even far beyond the organization's walls, to vendors, customers and partners, and even across international borders.

While the focus in the aftermath may understandably be directed at restoring business operations, the human impact of a cyber-attack can be just as great, if not greater, than the operational impact.

  • Employees may be fearful about the well-being of themselves and their families.
  • Partners or vendors may wonder how deeply their own involvement will extend.
  • Customers may be concerned about theft of their personal or company information.

These concerns, if left unaddressed, can have a profound, long-lasting impact on the reputation and brand identity of any company.

Responding To the Human Impact

FEI has extensive, recent experience in managing the aftermath of a severe cyber-attack. Addressing the human impact, FEI provides services allowing organizations to manage workforce resilience in the aftermath of an attack of any scale, including:

  • Call Center Support
  • On-Site Counselling
  • Support for Families and Partners
  • Training
  • Consultation

Preparation Is Essential To Surviving a Cyber-Attack

Recent events have made it apparent that the danger of a cyber-attack as well as the scope of potential damage has grown significantly as the role of technology has expanded in the business landscape. 

Planning and preparing to address the human impact of cyber-attack should be an integral part of a response plan. FEI can help strengthen your organization's preparedness for disruptions of this type through:

  • Assessing potential human impacts of an attack
  • Formulating policies and plans in advance of any real attack
  • Developing and maintaining a response plan
  • Conducting training and drills to prepare all stakeholders to deal with the human impact of an attack.

Contact FEI today about establishing a solid foundation of workforce resilience to keep your employees focused and productive in the aftermath of a cyber-attack, or even cyber-terrorism.