As our work lives move beyond the pandemic’s trauma and disruption, two things seem fairly certain: First, the world of work is also moving beyond the pandemic’s challenges. And second, the world we’re finding as we return to work has changed. Possibly forever.

These changes are impacting every facet of the work environment: legal, technical, human resources, policies and procedures. Even where and how we work.

At FEI, we fully recognize these challenges. However, we focus on the human side of the work environment. Our services help build and nurture workforce resilience—within organizations, employees and managers. When employees have the support they need, they can be more engaged and productive.

As we enter this new world of work, many employees are still working to overcome challenges stemming from the pandemic. At FEI, we have a history of providing programs and services that help employees bring their best selves to work. However, this need is greater now than ever before.

To make our support more accessible, we’re introducing an online training series, Back to Work. This series explores topics related the human side of returning to work, with themes that focus on resilience and hope.

Our goal is to create a learning experience that allows employees everywhere to return to work with a sense of hope and optimism—so they can be fully open to the new world of work that lies ahead.

The first three titles in our series are available free of charge. You can preview the video versions of this course on our Resilience3 YouTube channel.

We invite you to explore this video, Welcome to Resilience3, an introduction to FEI’s eLearning platform.

You can take the first three courses in our Back to Work Series for free. To access them, log in as a guest. This will grant you access to the links below:

Please check back often. We will be adding more courses and content in the months ahead.