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FEI’s Manager Exchange

24 Oct. 2018 Posted by aadams

Be Vulnerable

Amy Haft, FEI Senior Account Manager

Managers and supervisors often shy away from appearing vulnerable in front of their teams because vulnerability carries preconceptions of weakness or uncertainty. Yet vulnerability allows individuals to take risks in genuine ways that, when engaged, can lead to innovation, creativity and personal and professional growth.

10 Oct. 2018 Posted by aadams

Workplace Gossip: Employee Problem or Manager Issue?

Ryan Atherton, FEI Account Manager

Gossip in the workplace is, for better or worse, an inescapable reality. Often the result of poor communication, gossip leads to speculation and a sense of confusion, anxiety or fear. It’s not just an employee problem, either; managers too are guilty of contributing to workplace gossip.

Managers and supervisors can relieve the negative aspects of gossip by being cognizant of their words and actions, communicating with employees in ways that are both clear and intentional.

26 Sep. 2018 Posted by aadams

Escaping the Evaluation Trap

Michael McCafferty, FEI Senior Account Manager

Every year, managers sit down and review the annual performance of employees. But are these one-on-one evaluations offering the best outlet for development and growth?

As organizations reflect on ways to maximize the efficacy of regular feedback, providing value for managers and employees alike, a re-examination of annual review processes is inevitable, if not long overdue.

12 Sep. 2018 Posted by aadams

Does a Leader’s Character Matter?

Randall Kratz, FEI Senior Account Manager

Character: It’s a word we hear often, especially in recent months, but what does it mean? And how does it relate to leadership?

With a firm understanding of character throughout the years—over centuries, even—we’re able to translate the importance of strong character traits for the workplace, for management and
for ourselves.

29 Aug. 2018 Posted by aadams

The Gift of Performance Feedback

Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, President, GreenGate Leadership

Guest author Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio offers guidance when it comes to the sometimes-uncomfortable task of giving performance feedback. Neglecting timely performance feedback can perpetuate problems, weaken team morale and damage reputations. However, if employees feel respected and valued, then they will accept feedback as a gift that’s intended to help them succeed in their work.

15 Aug. 2018 Posted by aadams

What's Your Metaphor?

Gary Skaleski, FEI EAP Counselor

The use of metaphor to make a point or advance an idea is a frequent communication tool. Applying metaphor during counseling often reframes an individual’s problems and provides inventive solutions to change.

Businesses use metaphors, too, and analyzing how they describe organizational
philosophies, goals and culture can assist managers in directing teams within the context of workplace expectations.

1 Aug. 2018 Posted by aadams

A Productive Diet: Healthy Choices in the Workplace

Julie Sharp, FEI Account Manager

While the conversation waxes and wanes as trends cycle through, the U.S. health crisis remains a potent threat for millions of Americans. However, a growing movement is capitalizing on simple changes to combat health risks daily: The mindful diet.

Employers can help employees maintain healthier living and high productivity by ensuring wellness programs and workplace food choices reflect a culture of support, a strategy of intent and a participatory vision of well-being.

18 Jul. 2018 Posted by aadams

Supporting Remote Employees: A Management How-To

Freya Cooper, FEI Account Manager

Off-site employees are a thriving demographic, and the benefits of a remote workforce—from cost savings to increased productivity—are growing in recognition. But remote work can pose challenges in a culture that remains largely in-person and on-site.

Taking the time to implement simple workplace support strategies will go a long way toward bridging the gap between companies, management and remote employees.

20 Jun. 2018 Posted by aadams

The Indiscriminate Nature of Suicide

Sumaya Kroger, FEI EAP Counselor

The tragic, high-profile deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain by suicide have once again focused attention on mental health issues. . . and the reality that, despite one’s fame or fortune, anyone can be affected by suicidal tendencies.

By understanding certain verbal, behavioral and psychological signs, however, we can assess when someone we know—a family member, a close friend, a neighbor or even a coworker—may be at increased risk of suicide.

6 Jun. 2018 Posted by aadams

Humor in the Workplace

Nancy Vogt, FEI Account Manager

Workplace humor is beneficial to both employee and organizational well-being, good for boosting health outcomes and reducing stress. Knowing the difference between appropriate and inappropriate use of humor at work will help managers and supervisors build an organizational culture of connection, creativity and inclusiveness.