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FEI’s Manager Exchange

28 Feb. 2018 Posted by aadams

Manager Vs. Coach: A Key to Effective Relationships

Gary Skaleski, FEI EAP Counselor

Discussions of effective workplace management strategies often revolve around the topic of mutual respect. Central to these conversations is the idea of “manager versus coach” – or control versus empowerment. Knowing when to manage and when to coach results in a healthier work environment for everyone.

14 Feb. 2018 Posted by aadams

The Value of Baby Boomers in the Workforce

Janice Lieber, FEI EAP Counselor

As intergenerational workforces continue to evolve and grow, employers seek innovation in the skill sets of different demographics. Baby boomers specifically offer a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise organizations are eager to tap, leading to a re-examination of ongoing employment and the idea of retirement.

31 Jan. 2018 Posted by aadams

The Opioid Epidemic: How Is It Affecting Your Workplace?

Julie Sharp, FEI Account Manager

Declared a public health emergency in 2017, the opioid crisis continues to have a substantial nationwide impact on employers and their workforces. Now is the time to bring organizational drug policies up-to-date and coordinate with an EAP to address the effects of opioid abuse on your workplace.

17 Jan. 2018 Posted by aadams

4 Simple Strategies for Creating a Culture of Respect

Freya Cooper, FEI Account Manager

Following the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment and its perpetrators are facing a stark reckoning. Workplaces nationwide must now re-evaluate harassment policies and procedures for effectiveness. To assist, we outline four strategies to bolster company culture and ensure employees feel safe, respected and appreciated.

13 Dec. 2017 Posted by aadams

Holiday Time Off: Preparing for Your Absence

Jackie McGee, Work-Life Specialist

As 2017 winds down, many of us are preparing for the holidays—and a little time away from work. But that doesn’t mean the work itself stops.

Ensuring job responsibilities are covered while key staff are on vacation requires coordination between employees and management as well as cross-training on the skills needed for
business continuity.

29 Nov. 2017 Posted by aadams

Time to Rethink the Workweek

Amara Lang, Junior Account Manager

From communication to document storage, the information age has allowed workers to maximize efficiency. Even so, many continue working eight-plus hours a day.

As ongoing advances in technology continue to subtly shift workplace practices, the dominant trend of the 40-hour workweek—as well as its impact on workforce resilience—is called
into question.

15 Nov. 2017 Posted by aadams

4 Ways to Retain Employees in the 21st Century

Sumaya Kroger, FEI EAP Counselor

The attitudes and expectations of 21st century workforces have changed from those of past decades. Today’s employees emphasize engagement, fulfillment and a balance between work and life—and organizations must follow suit if they want to retain talent.

1 Nov. 2017 Posted by aadams

Turning to Your EAP During a Reduction in Force

Sabrina Lowe, FEI Employee Assistance Representative

RIF, or reduction in force, is not a pleasant experience. Employers and employees alike must navigate the emotions associated with losing a job, impact on workplace morale and sense of responsibility for what comes next.

Tapping into an EAP benefit can alleviate some of the difficulties of an organizational RIF, including the provision of an on-site counselor who will work alongside management throughout the process.

18 Oct. 2017 Posted by aadams

Know Your Audience: Applying Best Practice for EAP Utilization

Randall Kratz, FEI Senior Account Manager

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a formidable tool for assisting employees with the stressors and crises in their lives. Working alongside law enforcement, Senior Account Manager Randy Kratz breaks down the essentials of understanding how best to utilize an EAP for a specific workforce—and how that workforce can see the EAP as a true benefit to resilience.

4 Oct. 2017 Posted by aadams

The Growing Benefits of a Remote Workforce

Amy Haft, FEI Senior Account Manager

Telecommuting and other remote workplace benefits are trending upward, but employers and employees alike continue to struggle with the pros and cons of working away from the office.

FEI has several remote staff. One shares her experiences and suggestions with those organizations that are on the fence about remote workforces, the benefits of telecommuters and the potential impact on employee productivity, engagement and costs.