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FEI’s Manager Exchange

21 Apr. 2011 Posted by ehinz

Workplace Fatigue - An Emerging Issue

According to the Journal of Occupational and Environment Medicine, approximately 38% of U.S. workers experience fatigue, costing companies about $136 billion in lost productivity. The magnitude of this problem grows even greater, since fatigued workers are also more prone to illness and more distracted making them more likely to be involved in a safety incident. More alarming still, research reveals that fatigue can impair performance consistent with being at or above legal blood alcohol content levels.

30 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

Management Styles That Speak Most to Employees

A few days ago, I read a blog post on Workforce Management purporting that managers are the guardians of workplace standards. The author’s message is that leading by example is the most influential tool for every manager even though they often fail to recognize it.

30 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

Roadmap to Reasonable Accommodation

Employees who develop psychiatric disability are most likely to become a subject to reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Types of workplace accommodations include job restructuring, adjusting work hours, flexible leave, specialized equipment and assistive devices, modifying work sites, providing special transportation, and providing human assistance.

30 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

Presentation Skills

A few months ago I attended a presentation that was meant to give me a good grasp on new services and products. It was a very bland, two-hour presentation that revolved around very wordy power point slides. The challenge was not only how to read all the information from the slides while also following the presenter, but also how to zero in on the most relevant information and understand how it applies to my work. To add to the challenge, the presenter, who was clearly very knowledgeable about the content, had a very monotonous presentation style.

30 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

Incivility Threatens Productivity

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
Peter Drucker

The formula driving the mood in many workplaces is becoming so familiar it may be on the verge of cliché:

30 Mar. 2011 Posted by rmetzner

Welcome To FEI’s Manager Exchange

We are very excited and proud to welcome you to our new blog page, an online spot dedicated to further assisting our valued companies through information supply, ideas exchange, and an on-going communication. We envision it as a virtual support group for all managers, supervisors and HR staff; a place where you can always stop by and learn something new and interesting; a place where you can share your views, experiences and resources on any relevant subject; and a place where you can exchange ideas with your peers as well as tap into our expertise for support and professional growth.