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FEI’s Manager Exchange

20 Sep. 2017 Posted by aadams

Don’t Let Knowledge Walk Out the Door

Jean Casanova, Director of Knowledge Management for the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

As more and more employees reach retirement age, employers risk losing valuable knowledge. Fortunately, a number of knowledge transfer practices are emerging to mitigate such risks and keep expertise within the organization.

6 Sep. 2017 Posted by aadams

Self-Care in the Pursuit of Servant Leadership

Michael McCafferty, FEI Senior Account Manager

Being a “servant leader”—someone who empowers those they manage on behalf of an organization’s mission—is a noble ambition. It can also be extremely draining.

Understanding limitations, as well as how to recharge one’s energy, helps managers and supervisors remain healthy and resilient, enabling them to continue servant leadership unimpeded by stress, frustration and burnout.

23 Aug. 2017 Posted by aadams

Work-Life Worries: Elder Care and Employee Performance

Jackie McGee, Work-Life Specialist

Elder care is an often overlooked and underappreciated aspect of employees’ lives, and its effects on work performance can be substantial. As parents or loved ones age, questions about care facilities, services and expenses begin cropping up and overwhelming caregivers.

EAPs regularly offer work-life services, which help guide employees through elder care options while assisting with the responsibilities of care.

9 Aug. 2017 Posted by aadams

Now or Later? A Procrastination Mind Hack

Gary Skaleski, FEI EAP Counselor

As the saying goes, “Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” Yet we’re all familiar with procrastination, and some of us struggle with it more than others.

Reframing concepts of time can potentially place you on a path to overcoming procrastination and achieving your goals in a comfortable, timely fashion. Is that quarterly report due in a month, or in 31 days? Which feels more immediate?

26 Jul. 2017 Posted by aadams

What Do I Say? Talking to Employees About Suicide

Julie Sharp, FEI Account Manager

Talking about suicide in the workplace is a delicate undertaking—but a potentially lifesaving one.

Suicidal ideation can present itself a number of different ways, and knowing how to respond in a sensitive yet effective way sometimes proves challenging. With the use of an employee assistance program, however, the guidance and resources needed to navigate discussions of suicide are readily available.

12 Jul. 2017 Posted by aadams

Navigating Legislation and Evolving Drug Policies

Freya Cooper, FEI Account Manager

Last month, Florida legalized the use of medical marijuana statewide. However, the associated bill’s limitations on workplace accommodations concerning marijuana use invites confusion and court challenges.

As multiple states continue to work through legalization and context, managers, supervisors and human resources are left to navigate an evolving landscape of drug-testing and compliance policies directly impacting workforces nationwide.

28 Jun. 2017 Posted by aadams

Perception Can Be Reality for Clients

Nancy Vogt, FEI Account Manager

How a client perceives a service can sometimes shift from perception to belief about a provider’s ability to satisfy client needs, especially if the provider does nothing (or very little) to address the situation.

With strong quality assurance measures such as regular surveying, your organization can collect the necessary information to quickly identify, isolate and resolve issues of client dissatisfaction before perception becomes reality.

14 Jun. 2017 Posted by aadams

Trauma and the Workplace: What Can You Do?

Sumaya Kroger, FEI EAP Counselor

The workplace is not immune to the effects of traumatic events, and organizations must be prepared to respond when a traumatic incident takes place. Understanding the effects of trauma, allowing time to recover and offering support to employees—including through employee assistance programs—are all part of successful post-incident management.

31 May. 2017 Posted by aadams

The Value of an Intergenerational Workforce

Emily Merritt, Director of Intergenerational Initiatives for the Alliance for Strong Families
and Communities

Workplaces are facing unprecedented generational and demographic shifts, requiring employers to rethink traditional human capital strategies. Unfortunately, ageist misconceptions and biases often permeate our thinking. It’s time to break down the challenges of ageism and explore compelling opportunities for employers to build an intergenerational workforce.

17 May. 2017 Posted by aadams

Bob Dylan Was Right: Times Are A-Changin’

Amara Lang, Junior Account Manager

Traditional notions of work and the workplace have been fluctuating for years. Organizations continue to seek a magic bullet that will transform company culture into millennial magnets with professional pull, but workplaces are nuanced environments that require thoughtful consideration of team dynamics, employee engagement and management styles to achieve resilience.

Are the times truly changing? We think so, but we can help navigate your workforce to its fullest potential.