April is National Workplace Violence Prevention Month.

Most organizations I work with today have a workplace violence policy in place. Many even elaborate on those policies by conducting information sessions and training on how to identify warning signs, where to report, what to do.

Sadly, a few organizations still have the mindset that “It can’t happen here”—and are leaving their employees unprepared. We can do more to help give our employees the practical skills they need to keep themselves safe.

Start the month of April by providing your employees with OSHA’s Workplace Violence Fact Sheet. If you’re not currently conducting training, FEI offers a variety of trainings designed to meet your organization’s resilience needs. A good place to start is our Civility in the Workplace course. Incivility and disrespect can lead to an escalation in behavior in your employees that includes intimidation, retaliation and even assault.

Sometimes employee conflict can be as simple as miscommunication, so why not give your employees the tools to understand the impact of communication by providing Effective Communication training? If you’re concerned about threats and physical violence, Active Shooter Preparation and Response training may be something to consider. Organizational leadership should ensure that there are crisis activation plans in place should the unthinkable happen.

Why invest in training? Because without training and practice, people will be left with the primal reaction of fight, flight or freeze when facing tense situations. When we give people the tools they need to process their actions and reactions, we can help them engage in safe behaviors. Personally, my tendency is to fight when my brain reacts; however, with training I’ve been able to overcome that primal urge and remain respectful in difficult situations.

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