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Network Management


35 years ago, FEI Behavioral Health created the first national Employee Assistance Program (EAP), turning a previously local and individual service into an employee benefit with nation-wide delivery. While the term Network as a pop-culture meme describing either arrays of personal and business contacts or the connectedness and interaction afforded by socially-enabled websites was still decades away, FEI’s innovation was a breakthrough combination of the power of the network with the geographic reach of widely-dispersed human resource providers.

An entire industry has grown along the path leading from FEI’s landmark beginning. EAP’s have become standard features in most employee benefit packages. As the industry has grown in FEI’s wake, FEI itself expanded the power of the network into other aspects of employee benefits such as Work-Life assistance, as well as crisis management and critical incident stress debriefing.

Today, FEI continues to advance the power of the network within behavioral health services by providing its network management capabilities to organizations requiring assistance in a broad range of network types and service delivery models.


Network management is a multi-faceted set of tasks crossing a broad range of disciplines and skill sets. FEI has focused on identifying and developing the core competencies necessary to establish network management as a replicable and measureable process.