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FEI on “Helping the Helpers” for Risk Management Magazine

10 May. 2018 Posted by aadams

Helping the Helpers: Supporting the Resilience of First Responders

Whether natural or man-made, disasters are life-changing events that can leave lasting effects on all involved. While disaster plans rightfully focus on helping the victims of a crisis, there is another aspect of recovery to consider: Who provides support to the people on the front lines of a disaster response? Who helps the helpers?

The physical and emotional stress of a crisis responder’s job can affect both their work and personal lives. However, employers can provide proper training and education to prepare responders for the situations they may experience, the stressors they may feel, and the physical and metal toll it will take on their bodies, and emphasize the importance of seeking assistance for recovery when necessary.

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Vivian Marinelli is the senior director of crisis management services for FEI. Since 1999, Marinelli has provided support to individuals and families impacted by mass casualty disasters including aviation accidents, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. She works directly with customers’ emergency response teams to review existing emergency response and family assistance plans, bringing more than 20 years of work in direct clinical services specializing in trauma and grief counseling to her work.