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FEI Addresses Conflict Management and Workplace Civility for Industrial Management

6 Mar. 2018 Posted by aadams

Managing Conflict through Workplace Civility

In the period leading up to the November 2016 election it seemed the United States experienced a massive shift in thinking, in communication and in the divisions between people. This shift has damaged our willingness to listen to others and our ability to relate to them, leading to disagreement, confrontation and civil unrest. These divisions have been going on for quite a while, but are now getting more press thanks to the advent of 24/7 media and our hyperconnected, social media-driven world.

The explosion of social media makes it seem like people have permission to do or say things they would not have even thought about before. The rise of social media also has put an end to privacy. Your coworker in the next cubicle might be taking photos at work with you in them and posting on Facebook, SnapChat or other social platforms, without asking your permission. In many ways, these divisions and social postings are no longer just “political talk”; they’re a part of everyday life.

Welcome to the new world.

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This article is provided with permission of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers from the January/February 2018 issue of Industrial Management, Copyright© 2018 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. All rights reserved.