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FEI Talks Coping, Trauma and Business Continuity with Dice Insights

26 Sep. 2017 Posted by aadams

How to Work Through Turbulent Times

There are plenty of skills you can develop that will prepare you for the challenges you face in your career, including technical, problem-solving, and leadership. But there’s no school or webinar that can prepare you to work through tragedy.

Building resiliency skills are critical because, sooner or later, everyone will go through turbulent times. For example, workers in Texas and Florida are trying to return to normal after some of the most destructive hurricanes to hit the United States.

FEI, an organization that provides resiliency solutions and employee assistance programs to businesses, has been assisting several companies with counseling services and other resources in the wake of the storms.

“The most important thing is to give people time to tell their story so they can let it out,” said Dan Potterton, COO of FEI. “We encourage companies to create a safe place for employees to talk. That goes a long way toward loyalty and productivity down the line. Companies that think they’re going to get right back to business like it didn’t happen are misguided.”

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