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Illinois School Board Journal Features FEI Cover Story on Civil Unrest

13 Nov. 2017 Posted by aadams

A Proactive Plan Counters Tensions from Civil Unrest

Today’s students are growing up in a culture that is more connected than ever but, at the same time, increasingly polarized. Discussion, debate and controversy surround them during their formative years. Whether they realize it or not, concepts they are exposed to at home, in public and in the media shape their perceptions of the world.

The rise in polarization of political and social environments has led to a resurgence of civil unrest, a blanket term for a variety of disruptive, potentially riotous events. Disorder can threaten everyone in a school setting, and administrators must keep up to date on local happenings to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.

Moreover, school-aged children can be impacted by civil unrest happening miles, or even states, away. Civil disorder can inflame tensions across the country, and administrators and teachers need to be cognizant of this in order to effectively deal with affected individuals.

Continue reading full article, or visit the Illinois School Board Journal.