Preparing for holiday travel may create anxiety or even stress. How can I make this the best trip for my family without any cares? Should I try to create an agenda or checklist to help with my worries? 

We all ask these questions when it comes to the holidays. Many of us are at a standstill when it comes to planning our end-of-year travels. We often know where we are going, but clearly do not have all the details ironed out.

When prepping for holiday time off, tick planning boxes as you accomplish tasks:

  • Did I request paid time off from work?
  • Are my work duties covered during my absence?
  • How long will I be traveling (i.e days or weeks)?
  • How will I get where I’m going? Plane, train or automobile?
  • What is the cost of travel?
  • Who’s traveling with me and what are their schedules?
  • Is a close friend or family member checking on my home while I’m away?
  • Have I notified my bank that I’m traveling?
  • What should I do with my pet(s)?

So many of us tend to feel stressed during this time, including myself. Preparation is always something I tend to start early, but I still run into stress and anxiety throughout the process.

We can consider ourselves among the many who tend to stress out or have anxiety over traveling. Speak with your manager to see if there are any workplace resources to assist you with preparing and/or coping with travel. For example, if you have an employee assistance program (EAP), what type of benefits are offered? At FEI, we provide support through services such as EAP counseling and stress management or Work-Life convenience services.

We all want our holiday travel to be relaxing and enjoyable. Consider your EAP or Work-Life benefit a lifesaver during those stressful moments. Just remember to check with your employer about
available benefits.

Safe travels!