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Preventing Violence In Social Service Organizations

Our Responsibility To Those In Our Care Requires That We Are Prepared

Relationships are the core of the mission of social service organizations. With its unwavering focus on healthy relationships, FEI's workplace violence prevention program is uniquely suited to not only prevent workplace violence, but also increase workforce resilience with in social service organizations. 

FEI's program has been created with the hope of preventing the extreme events which create sensational headlines. However, the fact is that even incidents occurring at much smaller scales of escalation can be extremely disruptive to clients and staff.

The impact of violence in social service organizations ripples beyond office and facility walls into the entire community. Our responsibilities to all involved require that we prepare our staff to prevent violence at work by providing them with the tools to recognize troubled individuals at the earliest stage and be empowered to act.

FEI provides a training system built upon a 35-year history in crisis prevention and management combined with rigorously-developed program content addressing emerging best practices in the field workplace violence and prevention. This comprehensive approach represents the best possible solution for managing the safety of clients and staff for social service organizations nationwide.