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Preventing Workplace Violence

A Safe Workplace Depends on Addressing the Full Spectrum of Disruptive Behavior

Behind the tragic headlines following incidents of workplace violence are most often stories of troubled people whose warning signs went unheeded.

Violent events at work, whether the altercations are verbal, physical, or much worse, are among the most disruptive, costly and emotionally damaging events imaginable. No organization would prefer to believe that such events could happen to or among its employees, yet there are countless examples of workplace violence in environments which may have seemed unlikely.

FEI is committed to helping organizations create and maintain the culture and vigilance necessary to not only be resilient in the face of workplace violence, but also to provide the tools that help reduce the likelihood of violent events.

The solutions for workforce resilience and the prevention of workplace violence go far beyond the management of a particular violent event. These solutions include:

  • Comprehensive training in violence prevention
  • Behavioral interventions for troubled employees
  • Counseling and assistance for circumstances which may exacerbate work-related stress
  • Post-incident counseling

FEI has collaborated with The Mandt System to produce a violence prevention program that is comprehensive and rooted in best practices for broad-spectrum crisis management and behavioral health while remaining cost effective. A comprehensive training approach is paired with a wide range of tools for managing disruptive behavior before, during and after an incident.