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Network Operations Mission Statement

FEI Behavioral Health recognizes that the success of the employee assistance program (EAP) services is dependent on its provider network.

While each provider is an independent contractor through FEI, FEI views providers as partners in providing appropriate clinical assessment and services to employees and family members. FEI staff are available for support, consultation, advisement, and supervision regarding specific cases, as well as EAP procedures and protocols.

FEI believes that clinical competence is critical to the program’s success. Because various levels of experience, education, certification, credentialing, and licensure exist throughout the mental health industry, FEI has determined a base level of proficiency that must be met.

FEI expects that providers understand and accept the policies and responsibilities associated with their role as outlined in the FEI Provider Handbook.

FEI expects that providers are skilled in assessing a range of problems and that the EAP assessment will identify, document, and evaluate each client's strengths, weaknesses, problems, and needs. Assessments will result in an appropriate, documented action plan.

FEI considers the following to be the basic elements of an EAP assessment:

  • Client statement of presenting problems
  • Level of risk to self and others
  • Any precipitating events
  • Impact on job performance
  • Past history of the issue
  • Mental status
  • Alcohol and drug use/abuse
  • Relevant family history
  • Initial impressions

Referral recommendations and selection of resources must be based on the unique needs of each client as revealed in the problem identification/assessment process, as well as the availability of and access to treatment.