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Provider Requirements


Affiliates must be mental health professionals licensed to practice independently (not under any type of supervision) in the state where the practice is located.


Affiliates must be able to demonstrate basic understanding of EAP practice, mental health issues, alcohol and drug problems, human resource and labor relations issues, and organizational dynamics. Other experience and skill requirements include:

  • At least one (1) year of specific EAP experience
  • The ability to assess and refer (not treat) anyone at least 5 yrs. old. Parents may be included in session
  • “Broad brush” mental health and substance abuse assessment
  • Brief, solution-focused intervention, referral, collateral contact, follow-up and case management services
  • Compliance with state and federal laws including HIPAA
  • The ability to work with individuals, couples, families
  • Documentation of all the above

Scheduling/ Intake

Clients must be offered an appointment within two (2) business days of their initial call to you. If the client declines that appointment, you may offer another at a time convenient to both you and the client.

Professional Liability Insurance

Affiliates must hold coverage at a minimum of $1 million per occurrence/$3 million per aggregate.


Each clinician must apply separately. Submit supporting document with completed application. Supporting documents include: license, liability insurance, resume and W9. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Designated EAP Coordinator

For practices with multiple affiliates, you will designate an EAP Coordinator, someone to act as our primary contact person.