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2018 Publications

Peer Support: Building Up From the Inside Out
Social Work Today

FEI Senior Account Manager Randy Kratz explains what peer support is, how it benefits the workforce and ways to create a robust, long-term peer support program for your organization.

Handling Ideological Divides and Protests on America’s College Campuses
Campus Safety Magazine

Vivian Marinelli is speaking at three Campus Safety Conferences in 2018. In preparation for her presentation on handling protests and controversial speakers in a university setting, Campus Safety Magazine published Marinelli’s article on planning strategy when assessing the risks associated with free speech on campus.

Helping the Helpers: Supporting the Resilience of First Responders
Risk Management Magazine

FEI Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli outlines best practices for recognizing stress and developing resilience in the field of emergency response.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Preparing for Natural Disasters
Occupational Health & Safety

2017 proved a volatile year in natural disasters. FEI Crisis Management Operations Specialist Carol Hill discusses how businesses can prepare for natural disasters by having strong disaster recovery, crisis communications and aftermath recovery plans supported by regular training
and drills.

The Cybersecurity Challenge
Association Conventions and Facilities Magazine

Vivian Marinelli, FEI’s senior director of crisis management services, joins cybersecurity experts to evaluate the threat of ransomware, the pitfalls of free Wi-Fi and safety precautions when combating hackers.

Maximize Efficiency by Minimizing Workplace Injuries
Occupational Health & Safety

In “Maximize Efficiency by Minimizing Workplace Injuries,” featured now on the Occupational Health & Safety blog, FEI Network Operations Specialist Katie Moser provides suggestions for decreasing the likelihood of common workplace injuries while identifying harmful environmental conditions.

Workplace Cyberbullying: Employee Harassment in the Digital Age
Employee Assistance Report

Employers are responsible for developing policies and procedures that help prevent workplace harassment including cyberbullying. To improve employee morale, keep productivity high and create a safe workplace culture, FEI Business Solutions Engineer Raquelle Solon provides guidance for proactive action against bullying in the March edition of Employee Assistance Report.

Managing Conflict through Workplace Civility
Industrial Magazine

Conflict in political and social spheres also impacts the workplace, leading to strife between coworkers. FEI’s Dan Potterton addresses how employers can reduce confrontation by fostering a culture of workplace civility through training and example-setting in the January/February 2018 issue of Industrial Management, a publication of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.