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Work-Life Services: Just In Time Care

This new subset of FEI’s Work-Life portfolio allows employees to pre-configure care options for daycare, a sick child or an elderly adult relative.

Research shows that dependent care responsibilities are the number one cause of unscheduled absenteeism in the workforce. With Just-in-Time Care, companies reduce absenteeism by subsidizing the cost of backup care and enabling employees to come to work with peace of mind.

“Just in Time Care helped me retain the essential care my father needed,” said one customer. “I could do my job fully and effectively, because I knew he was in good hands.”

FEI realized the importance of a product like Just-in-Time Care during the sudden labor shortage amid 2009’s H1N1 flu scare. In industries like health care, where it’s critical to maintain an active workforce even during crises, Just-in-Time care can make a significant difference.