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Workplace Violence Prevention Training

The FEI Workplace Violence Prevention program focuses on providing resources to strengthen workplace relationships – forming the foundation for a respectful and resilient workforce.

FEI's resilience solutions surround and support the Mandt System, a train-the-trainer model which provides your organization with certified instructors who are qualified to teach your entire workforce the skills which are most essential for maintaining a safe workplace.


  • 50% of training time spent on prevention of violence and aggression.
  • Trauma Informed Services is integrated into the entire program.
  • Focuses on management of one’s own behavior and maintaining positive relationships.
  • Teaches physical intervention skills evaluated for safety by a biomechanical engineer.
  • Curriculum integrates with multiple treatment models and includes skills for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.
  • Curriculum requires treating all people with dignity and respect.
  • Physical skills do not cause physical pain or discomfort.


  • Program has reduced worker’s compensation claims and litigation costs related to acts of workplace violence.
  • Skills increase the quality of customer and employee relationships.
  • Skills reduce frequency of disruptive events in general, lowering workplace stress.
  • Program provides significant economic benefits compared to competitive program through lower materials costs.

FEI has partnered with The Mandt System in creating this comprehensive approach to preventing workplace violence. The Mandt system has a 40 year history of building safe workplaces through healthy relationships.

Contact us for training options and pricing.