The Workforce Resilience Experts

FEI has a 40-year history in enhancing workforce resilience by offering a full spectrum of solutions, from EAP and organizational development to workplace violence prevention and crisis management.

Our unrivaled combination of services enhances individual and organizational resilience. With FEI, employees are productive and engaged while organizations are safe and prepared.

Unique Social Venture

One of the most successful social enterprises in America, FEI is wholly owned by theĀ Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, a national strategic action network of social sector organizations working to achieve the vision of a healthy and equitable society.

Throughout itsĀ history, FEI has contributed overĀ $42 millionĀ to support the Allianceā€™s work.

Each time a company purchases our services, the communities where their employees work and live benefit from the programs provided by the Allianceā€™s network.

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