FEI Provider Network

40 years ago, FEI created the first national employee assistance program (EAP) provider network. This innovation turned a previously local and individual service into an employee benefit with nationwide delivery.

As an entire industry grew in the wake of our groundbreaking work, FEI expanded its provider network to include other aspects of employee resilience benefits such as work-life assistance, critical incident stress debriefing, training and crisis management.

Today, we continue to deliver workforce resilience solutions through our EAP Affiliate and Crisis Responder networks.

FEI has developed a unique network of employee assistance program (EAP) affiliate organizations, consisting of over 9,000 clinicians in North America.

Our network of affiliates offers a wide range of clinical assessments and convenient counseling locations. Many hold specialty certifications and licenses in areas such as substance abuse, trauma and critical incident debriefing.

FEI affiliates also are available to provide professional training seminars on a variety of topics.

We view our network of affiliates not as vendors or service providers but as key strategic partners in best meeting the needs of our customers.

FEI is an international leader in crisis management services and regularly recruits qualified health professionals to join our Crisis Responder Network. Crisis responders participate in short-term contract work in response to mass casualty events such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, aviation accidents and other major catastrophic incidents.

To join our Crisis Responder Network, individuals must complete FEI Crisis Responder Training. Those who complete our training are eligible to earn up to eight (8) continuing education units. In addition, we provide the option to work remotely through our Virtual Contact Center.

Contact FEI Network Operations at 800-782-1948 (option 2) for additional information.