FEI’s Vivian Marinelli Comments on Employees Returning after Molson Coors Shooting

Vivian Marinelli, PsyD, Senior Director of Crisis Management Services, comments on what workers can expect today when they resume work at Molson Coors after last week’s shooting.

FEI’s Terri Howard Addresses the Emotional Toll of Cyber Crime

Millions of Americans find themselves the victims of cyber crimes. But it’s not just personal identities or financial information the fraudsters take. It’s also the victims' emotional well-being. Mental health professionals say cyber crimes can trigger a host of mental health conditions, ranging from sleep disturbances and drug and alcohol abuse to depression, anxiety or PTSD. In this article, Howard discusses the importance of providing “psychological first-aid” to help people recover.

FEI to Present at the 2020 Alliance Senior Leadership Conference

FEI Senior Director Terri Howard will present at the 2020 Alliance Senior Leadership Conference, which runs from February 22-25, 2020, in Savannah, Georgia. She will be joined by Alliance Senior Director Undraye Howard. Together they will discuss the importance of advancing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within organizations so that all employees feel valued and part of workplace culture.

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From the FEI Blog: Our 19 Favorites from 2019

Many of us greet each new year with renewed enthusiasm. We make New Year’s resolutions, set new goals and promise ourselves that this year will be different.
At FEI, we know long-term success cannot be sustained through determination alone. To persevere through all types of disruptions and obstacles, you need ongoing support, training and practice.

FEI to Present at NATSAP 2020 Conference on Trauma-Informed Communications

Senior Director Terri Howard will speak at the NATSAP 2020 Conference, February 5-7, 2020, in Palm Springs, California, on the benefits of using a trauma-informed approach to communication. NATSAP, the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, serves as an advocate and resource for organizations that help struggling young people and their families.

FEI Dives into Implicit Bias at the Alliance National Conference

Senior Director Terri Howard explores the behavioral influences of implicit bias, and FEI celebrates forty years of supporting the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, at the Alliance National Conference in Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 16-18.

FEI Looks at Campus Disaster Planning for Public Risk

Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli reviews the steps campuses can take when addressing disasters, natural or otherwise, for the Public Risk Management Association.

Alliance President and CEO Susan N. Dreyfus to Step Down in Early 2020

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities announces that president and CEO Susan N. Dreyfus will step down as leader in early 2020. FEI is wholly owned by the Alliance.

FEI on Emergency Response Planning for Campuses

Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli explains why an emergency response plan is integral to campus safety during a crisis for College Planning and Management.

FEI Presenting at the DRJ Fall World Conference

FEI’s Vivian Marinelli will cover social media best practice during a crisis for the Disaster Recovery Journal Fall World 2019 Conference on Oct. 2 in Phoenix, Ariz.

FEI Provides Workplace Stress Solutions for Facility Safety Management

FEI Senior Account Manager Randy Kratz discusses workplace stress and mental health, trauma in the workplace and the importance of utilizing EAPs for workforce resilience in September’s Facility Safety Management.

FEI Participating in Panel Discussion on TIC in the Workplace

Join FEI Director of Product Management Ralph Metzner for a panel discussion, moderated by Marquette University’s Mike Lovell, on trauma-informed care in the workplace for the Greater Milwaukee Committee on Sept. 9.