Trauma-Informed Emergency Management: Past, Present, Future

IAEM Bulletin

Business Solutions Engineer Raquelle Solon explains how trauma-informed approaches help first responders and emergency management maintain their health, well-being and resilience.

Recognizing and Understanding Implicit Bias: A Necessity for First Responders

IAEM Bulletin

Senior Director Terri Howard explains how implicit biases are mental shortcuts that help us categorize our world and the people and places we encounter. However, implicit biases can also create blind spots that prevent us from seeing vital pieces of information.

Surviving A Disaster with Effective Planning 

Leader Magazine

Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli discusses what to do before, during and after a disaster strikes. Whether the disaster is natural or man-made, these steps can help reduce its impact.

Protect Your Campus and Community with Effective Disaster Planning

Public Risk Magazine

Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli reviews the steps campuses can take when addressing disasters, natural or otherwise, for the Public Risk Management Association.

Workplace Stress Solutions: Keeping the Workplace Productive, Positive and Safe

Facility Safety Management

FEI Senior Account Manager Randy Kratz discusses workplace stress and mental health, trauma in the workplace and the importance of utilizing EAPs for workforce resilience in September’s Facility Safety Management.

Three Important Things to Remember When Using Social Media in Crisis Communication

Disaster Recovery Journal

Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli covers what you need to know when using social media during a crisis ahead of her session at the Disaster Recovery Journal Fall 2019 Conference, Sept. 29-Oct. 2 in Phoenix, Ariz.

What Are the Elements of an Emergency Response Plan?

College Planning and Management

Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli explains why an emergency response plan is integral to campus safety during a crisis for College Planning and Management.

Civil Unrest and Employees

Business Resilience Decoded

Senior Director Terri Howard sat down to discuss civil unrest, community resilience and the workforce with Business Resilience Decoded, a podcast of the Disaster Recovery Journal in partnership with Asfalis Advisors.

The Business Benefit of EAPs

Workforce Magazine

FEI makes Workforce magazine’s 2019 hot list of employee assistance program providers. Read more about the added business value of providing an EAP benefit to your workforce.

Fire Safety: Plan, Prevent, Train, Recover

Occupational Health and Safety

From preventative steps to training needs, FEI Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli dives into fire preparedness, response and recovery in this month’s Occupational Health and Safety magazine.

Following the Feed: Business Continuity in the Age of Social Media

Continuity Insights

Senior Director Terri Howard looks at the intersection of social media, crisis communications and business continuity planning for Continuity Insights.

Supporting Employees in a Mental Health Crisis

Talking Benefits

In advance of his presentation at the IFEBP 2019 Health and Benefits Conference and Expo, FEI Senior Account Manager Randy Kratz spoke with IFEBP’s Talking Benefits podcast about peer support, mental health and how organizations can support employees during a mental health crisis while facilitating their return to work.

Crisis Care: Helping Students and Staff Recover

School Business Affairs

Schools are meant to be places where children feel safe. Writing for School Business Affairs, FEI’s Senior Director of Crisis Management Services Vivian Marinelli covers how the dissemination of accurate information, awareness of individual reactions, use of psychological first aid and the act of self-care are linked to a successful response to an on-campus crisis.