Having the Talk: Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

When behavioral issues begin disrupting workplace morale and productivity, overcoming barriers to difficult conversations becomes essential for organizational wellness.

FEI to Present at Alliance Senior Leadership Conference

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is holding its annual Senior Leadership Conference in Clearwater Beach, Fla., from Feb. 16-19. Not only is FEI sponsoring the event, but Senior Account Manager Michael McCafferty will present “Care from Inside the Trenches: Establishing Peer Support Services” on Feb. 17.

Building Strategies for Safety During a Crisis

The growing prevalence of mass shootings over the years has required businesses to plan for this unfortunate reality. Developing a successful response plan for an active shooter or other violent workplace situation is paramount to employee safety, and new programs and strategies are being crafted to help organizations prepare for the worst.

FEI on Crisis Care, Students and Staff for School Business Affairs

Schools are meant to be places where children feel safe. Writing for School Business Affairs, FEI’s Vivian Marinelli covers how the dissemination of accurate information, awareness of individual reactions, use of psychological first aid and the act of self-care are linked to a successful response to an on-campus crisis.

When Zero Tolerance Needs More Teeth

Terri Howard, FEI Senior Director

The term “zero tolerance” has become synonymous with swift action and severe consequences. When a zero-tolerance workplace violence policy lacks substance, however, its ambiguous nature opens the door to misunderstanding and confusion when incidents of workplace violence occur. Ensuring your zero-tolerance policies are clear and concise will protect employees from aggressive workplace behavior.

FEI Featured on IFEBP Talking Benefits Podcast

In advance of his presentation at the IFEBP 2019 Health and Benefits Conference and Expo, FEI’s Randy Kratz spoke with IFEBP’s Talking Benefits podcast about peer support, mental health and how organizations can support employees during a mental health crisis while facilitating their return to work.

Overcoming Incivility: Creating a Resilient Workplace Culture

Julie Sharp, FEI Account Manager

Civility isn’t just about being polite or courteous to one another; it serves as the very backbone of a productive, engaged workforce.

By developing an organization’s understanding of the brain’s response to antagonism—and acknowledging the negative effects of incivility on employees, organizational culture and the bottom line—employers can build a creative and resilient workplace.

FEI to Present at the Health Benefits Conference and Expo

Join FEI’s Randy Kratz on Wednesday, January 30 as he discusses “Move to the Front: A Brain Science Approach to Critical Incident Stress Management” at the IFEBP 2019 Health and Benefits Conference and Expo in Clearwater Beach, Fla.

Norovirus Outbreaks and Vacation: An Undesirable Combination

As the holidays wrap up and a new year begins, many will look at January to March as an optimal window for a vacation. However, the highly contagious norovirus can usurp a relaxing cruise or hotel stay as it spreads from person to person.

Understand what you can do both as an individual and as an organization to manage the fallout of a norovirus outbreak this vacation season.

Helping Employees Cope After a Natural Disaster

Freya Cooper, FEI Account Manager

With wildfires and hurricanes ravaging communities, it’s essential that managers understand the stress a natural disaster can cause in an employee’s life. From granting extra time off to connecting employees with valuable benefits, workplace leaders have an opportunity to fulfill a supportive role during these tumultuous and life-changing events.

FEI Article on Civil Unrest Featured in Continuity Insights

Civil unrest describes disruptive situations, such as protests or strikes, caused by a group of people in response to complex challenges. FEI’s Terri Howard examines the relationship between civil unrest and the workplace for Continuity Insights, including the role and responsibilities of employers when navigating sensitive community issues that potentially fuel unrest.

Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Amara Lang, Junior Account Manager

Domestic violence is not just a domestic issue, it’s a workplace issue. Also known as intimate partner violence, domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men—an alarming statistic of clear importance to employers and their workforces.

There are several guidelines managers can follow when addressing potential domestic violence among employees including recognizing signs of abuse, keeping information confidential and utilizing an EAP benefit.