Greater Cultural Competency Is Needed Among our Workforces

Cultural competency refers to our ability to understand and appreciate cultural differences among other groups of people. It helps people work together more cohesively.

Understanding the Impact COVID-19 has on Working Parents

With summer coming to an end and the new school year looming, working parents face difficult decisions on whether to send their children back to school, which could potentially impact their family’s health.

The Hidden Racism of Food Injustice: A Call to Understanding and Action

Food deserts are typically found in low-income areas, where people have little access to fresh healthy foods. These environments can increase people’s risk for obesity, diabetes and other conditions.

Guided Discussions: Helping Employees Process the Challenges of 2020

Stresses from the pandemic and racial unrest are seeping into our workplaces. Guided discussions help employees process their feelings so they can understand each other—and work together successfully.

Reflections on Providing Operational Support During a Crisis

During this pandemic, our crisis management team has acted as an extension of our customers’ staff, helping them maintain consistent operations when their resources become overwhelmed or unavailable.

Child Care Challenges? What Employees and Managers Need to Know

Many parents struggle to find quality child care during the summer. This year, these challenges are even greater. EAPs can help you cope with the stress—and some can even help you with referrals.

Using your EAP’s Phone or Video Counseling Benefit

For those of us struggling to manage the stressors of today’s world, Employee Assistance Programs are a valuable benefit. Our telephone and video counseling make it easier for you to get the help you need.

Finding Gratitude in 2020

Even during these difficult times, I would like to encourage us all to find and appreciate the goodness in the world. It can inspire hope and improve our emotional well-being.

In-The-Moment Support: A Valuable Benefit for Today’s Challenges

Life’s challenges can strike with little warning. Our in-the-moment support can give you the help and hope you need to keep moving forward.

Building a Resilient Workforce Through Crisis Communication

As the pandemic evolves, more employees are returning to the workplace. Having a crisis communication plan can help alleviate the worries.

Communication and EAPs Can Help Managers Lead the Post-Quarantine Workforce

As “Safer at Home” or similar orders become less restrictive, employers must decide how, when or even if their employees will return to work. Here are a few tips to ease this transition.

Your EAP Can Help You Transition After COVID-19

Many people are understandably concerned about returning to the workplace. To help you manage your anxiety or resolve lingering work-life challenges, your EAP can be an excellent resource.