The phenomenon of cyber-attacks is one that businesses continue to underestimate. A cyber-attack does not just mean a blow to the bottom line; it is a traumatic and fear-inducing experience that directly impacts its victims through stolen identities and exploitation of private information.

The threat of attack is constant, and businesses must be prepared to protect themselves, their workforces and their clients. The question for employers is no longer “Will I be a target?” but rather “When?

Join us as we discuss the long-lasting and traumatic impact of cyber-attacks on employees, customers and businesses. Learn specific steps for protecting your workforce and the elements of an effective response plan.

 The webinar will explore:

  • Details on attackers and their motivations
  • Real-life implications and risks to businesses
  • Financial and emotional impact on victims
  • Ways to assist victims in recovering
  • Best practices in organizational response

Webinar Details:
Thursday, September 29th 2016
1-2 p.m. CST

Terri Howard, FEI Senior Director

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