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FEI Provides Peer Perspective on Support for Social Work Today

10 Jul. 2018 Posted by aadams

Peer Support: Building Up From the Inside Out

Social workers give so much to enhance the lives of their clients. Due to the nature of the work, however, social workers are often exposed to highly emotional cases that can carry into their personal lives, leading to an unhealthy amount of stress and potential burnout. To alleviate some of this stress, employees may turn to their peers for insight and advice. The best care and support can often come from inside the workplace, as coworkers provide a familiar outlet
for guidance.

Peer support is an approach to workplace well-being that uses the nonclinical strengths and abilities of motivated staff to assist coworkers in times of struggle or personal crisis. Peer support is neither counseling nor therapy; it is a way organizations can provide familiar employee support systems in high-stress workplaces. Many employees feel more comfortable sharing their concerns with a peer who understands their circumstances as opposed to an off-site therapist who is removed from the workplace. Social workers are more likely to lean on a coworker who has been through similar situations and can provide relatable anecdotes
and advice.

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