“Positively impact organizations by engaging their employees in thought-provoking, self-reflective experiences that drive productivity, personal growth, motivation and action.”

—FEI Organizational Development

That is the mission of FEI’s organizational development department. It was devised after years of attending training, coaching and mentoring sessions, where I felt I learned something new, but didn’t quite understand how to apply this new information.

In its truest sense, organizational development involves ongoing processes, practices, systems, and techniques that create change in effectiveness, performance, and/or culture.

But how do you get there?

You can begin by that journey by partnering with FEI. We’ll evaluate your needs and develop strategies based on your specific goals.  During this process FEI strives to strike a careful balance between an organization’s needs and goals along with the contributions and concerns of individual employees.

That is why our sessions often include a specific call to action and self-reflection on how each employee can make a positive impact on the organization as a whole.

As the world continues to adjust to this evolving pandemic, it may be time to look at how your processes, practices, and employees have changed during the past 18 months.

Like many organizations who have contacted us, your workforce may be regrouping to navigate in this new world. By offering employee assessment surveys, action plans, training sessions and back-to-the-workplace discussions, we can help you and your employees overcome challenges and become more resilient and effective than ever before.

For more information, please visit our Organizational Development webpage. We also invite you to check out these training resources: Effective Communication and Relationships 101.

To learn more about how we can help you with your Organizational Development initiatives, please contact Raquelle at rsolon@feinet.com.