FEI on Crisis Care, Students and Staff for School Business Affairs

Schools are meant to be places where children feel safe. Writing for School Business Affairs, FEI’s Vivian Marinelli covers how the dissemination of accurate information, awareness of individual reactions, use of psychological first aid and the act of self-care are linked to a successful response to an on-campus crisis.

FEI Featured on IFEBP Talking Benefits Podcast

In advance of his presentation at the IFEBP 2019 Health and Benefits Conference and Expo, FEI’s Randy Kratz spoke with IFEBP’s Talking Benefits podcast about peer support, mental health and how organizations can support employees during a mental health crisis while facilitating their return to work.

FEI to Present at the Health Benefits Conference and Expo

Join FEI’s Randy Kratz on Wednesday, January 30 as he discusses “Move to the Front: A Brain Science Approach to Critical Incident Stress Management” at the IFEBP 2019 Health and Benefits Conference and Expo in Clearwater Beach, Fla.

FEI Article on Civil Unrest Featured in Continuity Insights

Civil unrest describes disruptive situations, such as protests or strikes, caused by a group of people in response to complex challenges. FEI’s Terri Howard examines the relationship between civil unrest and the workplace for Continuity Insights, including the role and responsibilities of employers when navigating sensitive community issues that potentially fuel unrest.

FEI to Present MRA Webinar

Join FEI Senior Account Manager Randy Kratz as he presents a webinar on alcohol and drug education for The Management Association on December 10. Kratz will discuss elements necessary to supporting a drug-free workplace, supervisors’ roles in addressing workplace substance use, symptoms for reasonable-suspicion testing and more.

FEI Provides SHRM Viewpoint on Supporting Cultures of Dignity and Respect

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has partnered with Security Management magazine to bring relevant articles on key human resource topics and strategies including FEI Business Solutions Engineer Raquelle Solon’s viewpoint piece on supporting a company culture of dignity and respect in the #MeToo era.

FEI on Building Hostility-Free Workplaces for Security Management Magazine

From managerial bullying to multigenerational conflict, maintaining dignity and respect in the workplace can sometimes be a challenge. In the Security Management Magazine article “Building a Hostility-Free Workplace,” FEI’s Raquelle Solon details how security managers can ensure workplaces are resilient through training, sound policy and the use of an EAP.

FEI and Mandt System Featured on VPPPA Blog

“Airport Aggression: A Real-World Mandt System Story” is featured on the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association’s November blog. FEI’s Raquelle Solon shared an example of how Mandt training and the practice of situational awareness helped her de-escalate conflict at the airport during recent travels.

FEI Named Finalist in 2018 BizTimes Nonprofit Excellence Awards

FEI has been selected as a finalist in the Social Enterprise category for BizTimes Media LLC’s 2018 Nonprofit Excellence Awards. The honor recognizes the creative application of the principles of social enterprise in the operation and funding of an organization, a distinction that highlights FEI’s relationship with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday, Nov. 2, at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee, Wis.

FEI to Present at Alliance and NAREN Conferences

Join FEI’s Michael McCafferty and Raquelle Solon as they present at two upcoming events: The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities National Conference (Oct. 15-17 in Denver, Colo.) and the National At-Risk Education Network (NAREN) TranZed Conference (Oct. 18-19 in Baltimore, Md.).

McCafferty will present a session on creating peer support programs at the Alliance conference, while Solon will speak on trauma-informed approaches to communication and behavior interventions at NAREN-TranZed.

FEI Announces Partnership with UWM School of Continuing Education

FEI is proud to announce its partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) School of Continuing Education. The collaboration will enhance both the UWM School of Continuing Education Human Services professional development program and FEI’s national network of EAP affiliate providers.

FEI affiliates receive discounts on registration fees and can obtain course credit and certificates in areas such as trauma counseling, family mediation, EMDR therapy basic training and solution-focused brief therapy.

FEI Spotlights Mental Health in the Workplace for Facility Safety Management

FEI Senior Account Manager Randy Kratz addresses the complexities of mental health and the workplace for Facility Safety Management magazine, covering topics such as stigma, common behavioral health concerns, warning signs and the benefit of an EAP.