Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are an important part of a company’s benefits package. Their services not only help employees but also employers.

Companies benefit because EAP services help boost employee productivity and job performance. Employees benefit because EAPs help them address various personal concerns such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

However, the challenge lies in getting the word out so that more employees take advantage of these helpful programs. To improve EAP usage, here are a few tips for managers, supervisors and human resources personnel to consider:

Foster a positive perception of EAPs. Make sure your employees understand that EAP services are effective and accessible—and that using them will remain confidential.

Boost EAP awareness within your workplace culture. When employees are aware of EAP services, they are more likely to use them. Regularly update employees on the specifics of the benefit: How many counseling sessions are provided, whether work-life or legal/financial services are included, information on local in-network affiliates, etc.

Normalize EAP usage through effective communication strategies. All too often employees deny they have a need for EAPs or believe they can resolve personal issues on their own. By normalizing EAP usage, you can help employees overcome their own psychological barriers. FEI provides EAP customers with promotional tools like informational posters, monthly emails on trending EAP topics and webinars that explain the importance—and utility—of the benefit.

In short, the more you do to promote EAPs through workplace communications and activities, the more likely your employees are to use these program—and reap the benefits. And that’s a win-win for all concerned.