Child Care Challenges? What Employees and Managers Need to Know

Many parents struggle to find quality child care during the summer. This year, these challenges are even greater. EAPs can help you cope with the stress—and some can even help you with referrals.

Using your EAP’s Phone or Video Counseling Benefit

For those of us struggling to manage the stressors of today’s world, Employee Assistance Programs are a valuable benefit. Our telephone and video counseling make it easier for you to get the help you need.

Finding Gratitude in 2020

Even during these difficult times, I would like to encourage us all to find and appreciate the goodness in the world. It can inspire hope and improve our emotional well-being.

In-The-Moment Support: A Valuable Benefit for Today’s Challenges

Life’s challenges can strike with little warning. Our in-the-moment support can give you the help and hope you need to keep moving forward.

Building a Resilient Workforce Through Crisis Communication

As the pandemic evolves, more employees are returning to the workplace. Having a crisis communication plan can help alleviate the worries.

Communication and EAPs Can Help Managers Lead the Post-Quarantine Workforce

As “Safer at Home” or similar orders become less restrictive, employers must decide how, when or even if their employees will return to work. Here are a few tips to ease this transition.

Your EAP Can Help You Transition After COVID-19

Many people are understandably concerned about returning to the workplace. To help you manage your anxiety or resolve lingering work-life challenges, your EAP can be an excellent resource.

Your Accountant Is More Helpful to Your Organization Than You May Think

An accountant’s role goes beyond number crunching or even interpreting those numbers. They can also provide proactive advice.

Uncertain Times: How to safely move forward

Planning now can make for a smoother transition when COVID-19 restrictions ease. Communication can help you navigate the challenges in figuring out what’s next.

Spread a Little Kindness: It Can Be Powerful Medicine

In this post, Randy Kratz reflects on a lesson from his late grandmother: People who practice acts of kindness create happiness. And those who experience kindness feel more connected to themselves and others.

COVID-19 Fallout: The Rise of Employee Monitoring Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for our economy. Despite this fallout, one industry is booming: employee monitoring software. Here’s a look at differing opinions on this controversial topic.

EAPs Are Designed for Times Like These

Employee Assistance Programs were designed to help employees overcome obstacles in their daily life, and to build and maintain resilience moving forward. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s very important to take advantage of this important resource.