Rethinking Ageism

It’s not just older workers who face ageism. An inclusive workplace must also be welcoming to younger people—and provide equal opportunities for employees in every age group.

Is Your Employee Assistance Program Missing This Important Benefit?

Today, many EAPs lack account management, which leads organizations to miss out on the value of manager consultation. FEI takes account management one step further by also supporting organizational development goals.

When is Hazing a Form of Workplace Violence?

Hazing may seem like harmless fun—from the perpetrator’s perspective. But when a victim feels harassed, threatened or intimidated, the behavior could be considered workplace violence.

Workplace Bullying: A Survivor’s Guide

Studies show that 75% of employees report being the target of workplace bullying. Here’s what you need to know to recognize and stop this common problem.

2020 Webinar Preview: Your EAP Promotional Calendar Coming Soon

FEI provides monthly webinars on a variety of EAP and Work-Life topics to promote mental health and well-being in the workplace. Check out our upcoming topics for 2020.

Having the Courage to Lead by Example

Leaders face countless challenges in the workplace, but one of the most difficult can be helping employees recover from an emotional crisis. We offer strategies to help leaders take the first step.

Workplace Violence Can Happen Anywhere. Are You Prepared?

Workplace violence can happen anywhere and at any time. Knowing how to prepare for these tragedies is a wise investment of both time and resources.

Easing the Anger That Fuels Gun Violence

Many would agree that our nation needs to do more to reduce gun violence. Until then, learning how to resolve conflict though communication remains a healthy start.

Gun Violence in America

Gun Violence in America

Gun violence has become a public health crisis and requires a comprehensive public health response. We support our parent company, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, in speaking out against mass shootings.

Remote Work: Making a Good Option Even Better

Remote Work: Making a Good Option Even Better

Although remote work has grown in popularity, it’s not without its challenges. Team leaders can take steps to help remote employees feel more connected, appreciated and valued.

Mandt for Families

Mandt For Families

Through our partnership with The Mandt System, a long-time provider of de-escalation trainings, FEI is working to provide trauma-informed programming to help families manage potentially disruptive behaviors.

Promote Employee Wellness by Promoting Your EAP

Promote Employee Wellness by Promoting Your EAP

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are a win-win for employees and employers alike. But to get employees to take advantage of EAP services, you must first promote them.